Who We Are

 Mom-tings was started with the everyday (womb)an in mind.

Our mission is to empower women to be and feel their best and authentic selves throughout their journey. Learning and practicing the art of being intentional with our relationships with ourselves empowers us to keep our cups full and show up as our best selves. We want to change the narrative that we have to be the last on the list of people we care for. Everything we do can become a ritual and moment of selfcare, we just have to learn to take the time to be intentional about it. 

Our Mom Care collection includes handmade soaps, bath salts, candles, and more to encourage you to take care of your body and be intentional about curating your own mom-care experience. 

Our Apothecary collection includes items handmade by Charis, The Mama with intention for healing using organic herbs and oils and charged with lunar energies. These are made in small batches during new and full moon lunar cycles.

Lastly, our Mom Uniform collection features basics for every mom whether she's in her second trimester or dropping her crew off at practice.

Mom-tings wants to encourage women to make time for themselves, to make sure they're feeling their best inside and out. Items curated for our shop are hand made with a (womb)ans needs and convenience in mind. We hope we empower you to feel your best today.


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